Our Tea Selections

Nutty Duchess Tea List

1) Pumpkin Chai
Comforting seasonal chai blend.
Pumpkin notes. Excellent with milk and honey!

2) Chocolate Mint
Divine aroma of peppermint leaves
with Natural Chocolate Flavor.
Subtle and Sweet.

3) Cranberry Orange
A scrumptious blend of orange
Zest and Cranberries.

4) Earl Grey
Delightful English classic.
Flavored with oil of Bergamot.

5) Irish Breakfast
Full bodied

6) English Breakfast
Blends of China Black Keemun teas
English tradition is to add milk.

7) Earl Grey (Lavender)
Intoxicating floral harvest
Classic Earl Grey & Lavender Buds

8) Darjeerling
A Highly prized black tea
with complex aromas.
Brisk flavor.

9) Strawberry
Black tea combined with the succulent taste
of sweet fresh strawberries

10) White Tea (PAI MU TAN)
Organic mild Chinese tea.
Has a delicate flowery taste.
Slightly toasty, sweet, smooth character.

11) Yerba Mate
“Known as tea of the gods”
Strength of coffee.
Health benefits of tea.
And the euphoria of chocolate.

12) Green Tea (Lucky Dragon)
“Flourishing Spring” an organic variety of
Green Tea with light, clear characteristics.
Great source of antioxidants.

13) Green Tea (KUKICHA)
Mellow flavor with low levels of caffeine.
Rich in both vitamins and minerals.
Revered for it's healthy qualities.

14) Jasmine with flowers (green tea)
Blossoms of the Jasmine flower.
A fine Chinese Pouching Tea.
Known to boost immunity and decrease stress.

15) Crème Brulee
Smooth and sweet…
Cardamom notes balance the
Creamy, vanilla caramel flavor.

16) Peppermint
Delightfully cool.
A delicious and refreshing way to
boost overall health.
Widely known to improve digestion.

17) White Chocolate Mousse
A sweet and creamy black tea with
an intoxicating white chocolate finish
Might be the best thing to happen to
Black Tea since sugar.

18) Chai (masala chai)
Black tea mixed with aromatic Indian spices.
Taste best prepared with milk and honey.

19) Oolong Goji Berry
(Oolong) a semi-fermented tea
Fruity and sweet. Goji Berries are filled
With powerful antioxidants geared towards
Harmonizing the body & making you feel great.

20) Borengajuli (Assam)
Malty with a jammy-like flavor best describes
this strong, tart premium Assam tea.
Extremely rich on the nose. High caffeine content
Which boost thinking and alertness.

Nutty Duchess Decaffeinated /Rooibos & Herbal Tea Selection

21) Strawberry Kiwi
Bold strawberry/kiwi flavored.
Delicious hot or cold.

22) Rose Buds & Petals
Light tasting floral notes
Rich in natural antioxidants.
Perfect for sipping.

23) Casablanca
Caffeine free fruit blend.
A wide variety of dried fruits.
Bursting with flavor.

24) Tutti Fruitti
Kids Herb & Fruit
A candy-like caramel flavor.
Sweet with berries for depth.
Rich in vitamin C

25) Black Currant DF
Black currant is a wild grown berry.
Clear, smooth, full fruit flavor
Of succulent black currants.

26) Irish Breakfast DF
Full bodied tea.

27) English Breakfast DF
Blends of China Black Teas.
English tradition is to add milk.

28) Earl Grey
Delightful English classic.
Flavored with oil of bergamot.

29) Peach Apricot DF
Delicate flavors of peach and apricot.
A customer’s favorite.

30) Green (Sencha Kyushu) DF
Japanese green tea.
Robust with a tinge of grassy flavor.
Powerful levels of polyphenols.

31) Vanilla-Bourbon St. (rooibos)
Naturally decaf flavored tea.
Fruity sweet notes. Vanilla flavoring gives
The rooibos offers a wonderful, exotic jazzy depth.

32) Georgia Peach (rooibos)
Naturally decaf flavored tea
absolutely exquisite, mouthwatering.
Sweet peach a symphony of flavor.

33) Almond Amaretto Biscotti
Goodness notes of rooibos, finishing with sweet taste
of amaretto and almond.
Beautiful color and succulent taste.

34) Peppermint
Luxury Organic Herbal Tea
A most flavorful. Cool and pungent. Refreshing.
Known to calm the digestive system
And provide you a more restful sleep.